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Koh Samui, Thailand really is a piece of paradise. This trip was everything and more. Everything From my adventures to the Over the water villa that I stood in was just over the top. I want to give you a synopsis of this amazing trip and share my experiences, photos, and advice with everyone. The resort I chose to stay in was KC Over the water villas. Upon arrival I was greeted with a beverage while I checked in. Once that was established I was put on a golf cart with my luggage and I was driven to the villa. These golf carts takes you and brings you to and from your villa to the reception area so that you don’t have to walk. From the moment I walked in the service was amazing. Im the type of person that pays really close attention to DETAIL. 


Here is the Golf cart. photo_1

I fell head over heels when I saw pictures of the villa while I was booking my trip. Let me just say that the pictures will NEVER do it justice. It is Perfection. I can sit here and try to paint you a vivid picture of it and it just wont work.These are Bora Bora inspired villas.The villa sits on top of your very own private infinity edge pool. It has sliding doors that open up to your balcony where you have two sun beds and stairs that guide you in into your pool. It is very chic and modern. The bathroom had a glass stand up shower and on the other side there was a Jacuzzi with a large sliding window that opens up for you to enjoy the view of Chaweng Bay. Also, providing you with the view of your balcony and pool while you soak up.


Here is a front view photo of the villa.



 This is me on the balcony enjoying champagne and the amazing view

photo_4 (11)


You wont want to leave this villa ever!

photo (9)

When I arrived I got into my bathing suit, ordered some good American breakfast, drank champagne, and tanned. I was alone on this trip which was a very interesting experience. I cant stress enough how blown away I was. The Breakfast was yummy and very well served for one person. My watermelon were heart shape cut. TOO CUTE !


Photo of my American Breakfast.

photo (5)


After I spent my morning relaxing and enjoying my own company. I got dressed and booked some activities at the reception area.  I did a Fish pedicure and a elephant ride. After that they had the elephant and a monkey put on a show for me. It was the cutest thing ever. I’m an animal lover so I was really happy. I went to Thaliand just to ride an elephant and interact with it. I bought a basket full of bananas and I feed it all to the elephant that took me for the ride. You CANT go to Thailand and not ride elephants! It was on my bucket list and I finally had the pleasure of crossing it out.


This is me riding the elephant.



 Kiss Kiss for the Elephant… They are lovely animals <3

photo_3 (17)


The very famous Fish Pedicure was amazing.This is not your normal pedi where you get your nails filed and nails painted. For this one you just sit and put your feet into a tank filled with fishes to have you the dead skin on your feet eaten off. This is solely the purpose of the Fish pedicure. It felt great and yes it tickles. It feels weird at first but you start to enjoy the feeling as you get used to it. Give it a try if you ever visit Thailand.


This is me enjoying my Fish pedicure.



No Monkey Business !!!




I had the pleasure of going to Lamai Beach to see the GrandFather and Grand mother rocks. WOW ! what a beach ! what a view ! I really didnt want to leave. After I saw the rocks i went off and jumped on a jetskii. Which is one of my favorite this to do on the beach.


 Entrance to the beach. The beaches are BEAUTIFUL!

photo_2 (13)


Grandfather and Grandmother rocks at Lamai Beach.

 photo (10)




photo_2 (16)


Thailand is known for their old long tail boats. Your trip to Thailand isn’t complete until you have come across one. I loved it !

Long tail boat

photo (6)




Rating from 1(Lowest) to 10(Highest)


  • Room: The room was very modern and Chic. Very spacious and comfortable. I give this baby a 10. I was very impressed with how it looked from the inside out.
  • Food: The food was Delicious. Everything I ordered from room service was good. I don’t have any complains about the food. I never had to wait long for my food it was made perfectly and fast. I give it a 10. 
  • Service & Staff: Would It be fair to go above my 1-10 rating? Ha ha, I mean I don’t think numbers can relay how great the service was. While booking this Villa I included a message letting them know that I’m a mosquito magnet. To my surprise, Upon arrival they had all kinds of repellents set up for me in my room. I was very impressed on how attentive they were. If I had a request they made it their duty to come through for me. For instance, I was alone on this trip and I was obsessed with the villa.I wanted pictures of myself. I did have a tripod and camera but it wasn’t the same as having someone take the photos of you. So I called reception and asked if someone can help me take pictures. Immediately they sent over this lovely lady from room service to do me the favor. I couldn’t thank her enough for her help. (Yes I tipped her Well:) It really was a relieve to receive great service and not have to haggle for it. I give it a 20! What?! It really was that good🙂
  • Cleanliness: The villa, bathroom, and pool were spotless. I felt like I was the first one to stay at that room. I give it a 10.
  • Sleep Quality: There were no noises at night which was perfect because there was some construction near my villa (I think they were extending the resort) but It did feel like anything was going on. So that’s a plus in my book. Also, the bed and sheets were clean & comfy.This is a 10 as well.
  • Location: The villas are located on a high mountain which grants you the most amazing view of the ocean. Also, its very close to most main attractions. I was just a few mins away from the Big Buddha, Fish pedicure, Elephant trekking, and Lamai Beach (where the Grandmother and Grandfather rocks were located). I give the location a 10 because it was near everything and I didn’t have to spend a lot of money just to get around. Cab ride for everything was about 15 minutes or less. There is Jetskiing and water sports nearby.
  • TIP: Request a villa on high levels. The higher your villa the more Amazing your view will be.



I hope you found this post helpful and that one day you consider visiting this beauty.There is so much more to this trip. Follow me on to keep up with me. Also, Check out my video on this trip. These are clips of the country, activities, and Villa itself. Just click on this link to watch it –> My trip to Thailand 


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