Suede x Fringe

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Finally summer is officially over and Fall has approached us here in NYC.  Excited enough I got to wear this Pancho that I fell head over heels for. This suede pancho is short ending right under the boobs then the rest in long fringe. This pancho is perfect for the fall because the suede material keeps your chest warm for those chilly Fall nights where you don’t want to wear bulky pieces. Sometime you want to go out to and you don’t want to carry around with scarf and jackets so a pancho like this is convenient. Also a plus to this is that its a dressy pancho so you can though it on over anything simple and you will automatically look dressy and chic. I had on a plain outfit and this Pancho completed the look i was aiming for. I would a thin turtleneck body suit, black jeans, and some super cute black suede booties that had fringe detail in the back. If you want to look well put together wearing all black will do the job. It will make you look slim, chic, and delicate. So I hope you liked this post. I will be posting more Fringe outfits since it is my current favorite. Links to everything I wore will be at the end of this post. Feel free to click on them and see the price and details of the items. XoxoFullSizeRender-13

















What Rolemodel Wore

Suede Fringe collar —> Missguided

Suede Fringe Boots —> Missguided

Turtleneck body suit —> Missguided

Black Denim —> Zara



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