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Seeking Tranquility, I wandered off to St.Lucia. I have over a year wanting to desperately go just to visit a certain resort that I fell in love with since the day I saw it. I saw many pictures of this resort and truthfully I raved about it for an entire year. Well, I’m here to tell you whether what I envisioned about this resort matched my expectations or not. Also, I want to share with you my experience in St.Lucia itself.

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St.Lucia is located in the West Indies and is home of the famous Gros Piton and Petite Piton. The Piton mountains are two volcano plugs and they are the most photographed landmarks on the island. Aside from these beautiful mountains St.Lucia has the most beautiful views. The island itself is like paradise. In St.Lucia a week doesn’t suffice. Once you enter you wont want to leave.The beauty of their white sand beaches to black sand beaches will leave you mesmerized. Arriving, we landed in Vieux Fort. That is where the airport is located. Upon arrival the resort had a taxi already waiting for me and my mother. I was pleased with that detail, it made it easier for me since I didn’t book a taxi in advance. My cab ride was an hour away from the Resort which is located in Soufriere. My first initial plans was to take a helicopter ride which is only a 15-20 min ride from the airport to the resort. Unfortunately, my lovely mother was not trying to take the helicopter ride because she was scared-_- so we had to settle for the hour long cab ride. Oh mother ! Well, if you are interested This can be booked in the airport and its about $150 USD (around that ball park) per person. For the cab ride it was $75 USD.


Ok, so Arriving at the Ladera Resort I was blown away. I was greeted by a lovely gentle men who gave me a tour then escorted me to my room. My eyes has never been filled with so much beauty all at once. You can stand anywhere in Ladera with your eyes closed and can be sure that when you open them there will be a beautiful view. Guaranteed! So you may be asking why was she raving about this resort? Why is it so Special? Well, Ladera is a 3 wall resort, All the rooms has this concept of a missing fourth wall. Offering you the most amazing views of the Pitons. Are you wondering doesn’t creatures come into the room? Weren’t You scared? YES, you get the cutest visits from baby lizards, birds, and tadpoles. I wasn’t scared at all because I was looking for a unique experience and Ladera offers that. Ladera lets you connect with nature in a way that no other resort can. Ill guide you through my venture with my photos, Follow along 🙂


Upon Arrival a Local told me to buy snacks at a Local Supermarket. So I did. So worth it.

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Every room has its Private heated Plunge pool. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Showering in the open air is the most amazing feeling in the World. Pure FREEDOM ! (View from the Bathroom)


Enjoying the local beer which is named Piton


Piton tastes like a mix of Corona and Heineken. Its Good!

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Having a pool in your room truly is lovely.If you know me you know I go for unique and beautiful rooms for my stay. Still, I had to hit the beaches that St.Lucia has therefore I went off to Sugar Beach. This beach is a few minutes drive from the resort. The Ladera provides you with a free shuttle ride to the beach every day.It runs on a schedule throughout the day so you can go and return to the resort as you please.Free of charge. I swear if I could have spent all my days in this beach I would! Spending all my time in the beach wasn’t possible since St.Lucia has so much beauty and so did the Ladera.. I had to enjoy a little of everything especially the resort. Sugar beach is a white sand beach and it also offers you a great view of the Pitons. At this beach they have these all white sun beds which you can rent for $50 USD per person. It is a bit pricey but its a nice treat if you are going to spend the whole day at the beach. I enjoyed the sun beds. There are other options like regular tanning chairs for $20 USD or you can simply just use your towel and lay on the sand. Its totally up to you. In Sugar beach you also have water sports rentals. I had the pleasure of enjoying some kayaking, paddle board, and a speed boat that took us to Anse Chasanet Beach.

Sugar Beach




Anse Chastanet


Paddle Board


Kayaking with Mommy dearest 

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Lunch in the Sand is the restaurant right on Sugar beach.Everything on this menu was Delish. My favorites was the Margherita Pizzeta which was topped with basil leaves and the Chicken breast Sandwich. To my surprise the sandwich had Avocado in it so I was very pleased. I do have a confession between me and my mother we tasted everything on this menu. I ate so much here that I came back home with a few extra pounds. lol Take my word for it nothing will disappoint you. The drinks there are good as well. Everything was Scrumptious:)




Chicken breast Sandwich w/ Fries Yummy !


 you can lounge on the Hammocks in Sugar beach 


There is plenty of things to do in St.Lucia. I went to Sulfur Springs for the mud bath and mineral bath. I cant stressed how Amazing my skin felt afterwards. I got to visit the Only Drive in volcano in the world and I went horseback riding.

Mud bath


Horse back riding


standing by the reception area. I swear every where you turned there was beauty.


Now to fill you in with a bit more information on Ladera. The rooms has towels,binoculars, ear plugs and beach towels for your to use. They also provide you with bug repellent and after bite sprays. Which I think is Great.Every room is unique but they all provide you spectacular views. My room had two floors. Upstairs was were the bed was located. The bed does have a big mosquito net toppled over it so that no bugs can get through to you while you sleep. I had a few requests and the Ladera family did everything to make me feel comfortable. Especially Holly ! -> You made my experience at St.Lucia and Ladera complete and Amazing. THANK YOU!!! You are one of my Rolemodels:)

So every room does not have a Telephone. They actually provide you with your personal cell that already has all the contacts you need in case of anything… This is genious ! If you leave the resort and you go about your own way you have this phone to contact the resort and call for a cab or ask for directions. Ladera spoils their guests.

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Plants everywhere. Its heaven on Earth.

Silhouette x The Perfect View


The Pool <3




Rating from 1(Lowest) to 10(Highest)

  • Room: Ladera resort has 32 suites that all were constructed with an open wall concept. Very room is different and unique still granting you the loveliest views of  the Pitons and the Caribbean sea. The suite I was in had a private heated plunge pool. It was furnished with inspired 19th century French furniture and tropical hardwood. On the second floor of this room is where the bedroom was located. The second floor is very spacious with a bed that has a mosquito net toppled over it. There is also chairs for you to sit and enjoy the views in case you just want to lounge upstairs. The bedding and all pillows are white which gives the rooms a crisp clean look. The room was lovely and spacious so my rating for the room is a 10.
  • Food: Ladera has a restaurant which is called Dasheene. This restaurant is also grants you beautiful views while you wine and dine. This restaurant is a bit pricey but its worth every cent. The food is delish so if you want to treat yourself that by all means go for it. Now for room service the food was very over priced but still good. I give the Food from room service a 9 and the food from Dasheene a 10. 
  • Service & Staff: The Service at ladera was great. I had a few request and some of the staff tried their very best to make me happy. Every staff member I spoke to was kind and helpful. Everyone was over the top amazing with me. I do want to send out my regards to Holly who went above and beyond with making my stay extra pleasant. You made my trip special and memorable. I love interacting with people who are kind and gracious and shes that and more. Thanks you to the Ladera family for being great to me. Hoping to return. For the Service and staff I give it a 10. Ladera you have a GREAT team 🙂
  • Cleanliness: This suite was extremely clean from the pool to the bed sheets. It is well maintained. I imagined it to be a moldy since its out in the open and it constantly rains but NOT at all. It is so well kept and clean. I give this a 10.
  • Sleep Quality: Before anything you MUST know that we slept like babies every night. If I could pick anywhere in the world to sleep it would be at Ladera. The reason why I was infatuated with the sleep quality that my room provided was because it rained every night. If you know me you know that im obsessed with heavy rain. This creates an romantic ambiance. Another thing that put me in the most peaceful sleep was the sound of crickets,frogs, and of nature. If you love the sound of nature this is the place for you to visit. I actually looked forward to going to bed:) The pillows were also so big, comfy, and soft just how I like it. So yeah please know that this is a 10+ for me. LOVED IT!
  • Location: These suites sit high on the mountains. Which offers you the best of the best views of St.Lucia. The Resort is located on Soufriere. This area is more of a peaceful environment. If you are seeking an escape for romance or for tranquility this is the place for you. A lot of honeymooners stay at Ladera for the amount of privacy that they provide. You are completely isolated in your suite which is what couples would want. This resort is family/kid friendly. I went with my mother and it was just pure peace and relaxation for us. There isn’t much of a party life around Soufriere. There are local bars but if you are seeking a party life try staying in the more touristic side of St.Lucia like Castries. The location of Ladera was perfect for me because you have the best places at walking distance or just a short cab ride away. I give Ladera’s location a 10+ as well. It is situated in the perfect area.
  • TIP: Treat yourself to Dasheene restaurant. Also, go to Ladera’s spa, book some treats,and have them give you massages in your room, so that you can enjoy them with the view from your room. Be sure to Tip the staff as they are very helpful and they really do try to accommodate you to perfection. My last tip is to really spend time walking through the resort and enjoy it. It will bring you peace with its beauty.


If you want more details on this resort visit

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