The Perfect Trousers

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Ever searched for a specific item desperately for a long time and refused to settle for anything similar even if you couldn’t find it? Well, this happens to me quite often. I could want a certain style of clothing and I wont budge until I find exactly what I want and what I Envisioned. For Instance, I’ve been searching for the perfect high waisted trousers in white. I have about 2 years searching for a pair that would fit me to perfection. I stand tall at 5’7 and its hard to find a pair that is long enough for me + the few inches that my heels add. I wanted trousers to fall between the end of my shoe and the ground. Anything longer would drag and that’s something that I didn’t want. So after my long and patient wait I FOUND THEM. I purchased them not only in white but also in all the colors. I went up a size so that it can be altered to my shape without disturbing the length.This is optional and not necessary as the pant fits perfectly if you buy your proper size.This is just picky little me. Now, if you are shorter this pant is still perfect because you have the option of having it tailored to the length you desire.Truthfully, I couldn’t be happier:)


I paired this pant with an off the shoulder Frill top in yellow. I wanted a tropical look Because I’m on vacation and this top gave me exactly that.



Red Lips, Nude pumps, and bangles completed this look.


This pant is very versatile. You can wear it with a crop top or for a more sophisticated look you can wear a long sleeve button down giving you that J.Lo/Kim.K Look. Besides that, you can wear it during any season including Fall and winter. You have the choice to wear a trench or a long tailored coat with it. Now the whole “Don’t  wear white after Labor day” is Cliche already. Wear white whenever you want too. I hope you like this look and keep in mind that this pant is appropriate for any occasion. Xoxo


What Rolemodel Wore

Get the Look:

Top: MissGuided -> Yellow Frill Top , In White , In Black

Trousers: MissGuided ->In White , In Cobalt Blue , In Black ,

 In Lime Green , In Blush

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