Mykonos, Greece

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Mykonos, Greece is where the rich and famous people love to vacation. I’m sure we all know this but do we know why this is a favorite vacation spot? I was very fortunate to have visited this island in Greece. Everyone loves Mykonos because of its remarkable beaches, the friendly Greeks, the beautiful cycladic architecture, the delicious food, and the vivid parties. Greece has so many beautiful islands but for starters I was deciding between Santorini and Mykonos. I’m sure Santorini is good but Mykonos definitely takes the win. I did a lot of research on both and Mykonos appealed more to me. So here is a little fact about me. I have traveled all around the world, Ive been to many beaches, but some how I never came back home with a tan. Crazy right ? When I travel I’m busy doing so much and visiting so many places that I only get to tan for like a day. So This trip to Mykonos I decided to dedicate it to the beach. I went on a beach club binge. I wanted to visit different beaches and beach clubs to relax and indulge but also to give you information on each of them. Here are some of the ones I visited.


Beach #1 (Tropicana Beach Club) PARADISE BEACH


Paradise Beach is a very popular beach drenched in orange decor. They are opened from 9am all through the night. If you are seeking relaxation you can come here but go early in the morning. Once 3pm approaches the beach starts to liven up. I would say at about 5pm everyone starts to roll in, the Dj turns up the music, and everyone is ordering tons of food and alcohol. They have tanning beds, beach beds, and lounging bean bags. If you go early in the morning and its not peek season then you will not be charged to use the beds. So this time around its free of charge. If you go from June through August expect to minimum pay 20 Euros per person for the use of the beds.


It is fairly easy to get to Paradise beach by bus. Its very affordable and the commute is very fast. Here is the Bus schedule which runs every 30 minutes.



Tropicana’s beautiful Beach beds. These beach beds are perfect to lounge in. Laying there under the shade after a long day of tanning is great. Also, Its great for when you want to eat. I don’t know about others but I cant have a full meal under the beaming sun. All I can Consume while being under the sun is fresh fruits, cold beverages, and water. So this was my go to after my tanning sesh so that I can eat comfortably.





Lounging Bean bags. (They are great for tanning as well)





Tanning chairs



I consumed was Fresh fruit juices all day at the beach (not much of an alcohol drinker. thought ill have a beer here and there). I was in love with the presentation of my fruit juices at each beach club. They added a small Greek flag which I thought was super adorable. The cost of these fresh juices were 6 Euros each.




Beach #2 (Nammos beach)


The beautiful Hosts from Nammos. These ladies were Gorgeous! All the host, waiters,and waitresses were extremely good looking. I mean it is a famous beach club so I can imagine why they have a great looking staff.





Tanning beds (20 Euros per person)


This was my fresh fruit juice. It was served with a huge slice of cantelope, watermelon, and globe grapes. I had a few of these because they were so delicious but very expensive. It was 17 Euros each (roughly about 20 US dollars). If you plan to visit Nammos please take note that this beach club is expensive the food and drinks are overpriced. The service, food, and drinks are amazing so its worth the price. You can include in the amazing view and beach to the price if you feel bad about how expensive everything.



Beach #3 Psarou Beach 

This was my #1 favorite beach club. This day I was suppose to go to Nammos which is also in Psarou but I got lost and ended up at this beach club. I loved the vibe and the tranquility so I stood there for the day. I was happy I got lost and bumped into this beach.Yes it is a bit pricey but not as pricey as Nammos so thats a plus. The food,the service, and the drinks were phenomenal !



I was busy enjoying this delicious fruit juice made out of kiwi & banana and as I was half way done I realized that they made the banana look like a dolphin and they put a cherry in its mouth. Does this not melt your heart or what? I had like five of them they were so delicious and adorable.




FullSizeRender (2)


















Loved that they have couches and umbrellas by the beach




Beach #4 Ornos

This was another favorite beach club. This beach has about 3 different restaurants in it. i started my day at the restaurant at the end by the far right (didn’t get the name) They service was amazing and everything was super inexpensive. By 5pm I decided to move from the bean bags and I went to this beach bed. It was super comfy they also came with pillows and towels. These beds belonged to the restaurant in the middle which is called Kuzina. I decided to have lunch here. The service was Horrible. I had to remind the waiter about my order 3 times because he was busy dancing to Britney spears. Then the food to forever to come. I was highly annoyed. Truthfully this beach is amazing but this Kuzina messed up my experience after have a beautiful morning at the restaurant next to it. I would deff go back to this beach but I would avoid that restaurant. FYI the food was expensive and it wasn’t great.








Enjoying a beer while tanning (This was on the restaurant at the far right of the beach)




So this was another solo trip. By now most of you know that I’m an avid solo traveler. One of my guilty pleasures is to travel alone and luxuriate in which ever country I choose. I want to thank those individuals who have contacted me telling me that I inspired them to travel alone. theres is truly no greater feeling than people telling me that they enjoyed their solo travel and that it was their best experience. I hope that I continue to inspire and that everyone takes the time to see how amazing the experience can be. Well thats all for now I hope you continue to follow me through my travelings. Xoxo








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