Multiway Party dress

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Don’t we all love dresses? Sometimes us women don’t want to deal with putting together a whole outfit so throwing on a dress makes things super easy for us. Now the only thing I personally hate about dresses is that most can only be worn once. Im the type to only wear my dresses once and yes this is a very bad habit. I am going to start wearing the clothes Ive worn already but wearing it differently. I would never wear the same outfit the same exact way as I’ve worn it before. Ill go into depth in future posts on how to recycle your clothes and get the most use out of them. Now theres a multiway dress thats been the hype. Its the dress that you can wear many different ways. Im in love with this dress. In the websites they show you a few ways on how you can style it to make it a completely different dress every time you wear it. I of course didn’t style it like the models on the website. I decided to do my own thing and thats the good thing about this dress. since this is a busy dress I wore these 3 strap nude sandals which were simple because the dress spoke for itself. Remember ladies not to do too much when accessorizing when you have a busy dress. Here are some pictures of how I put it together.


Please note: All the details of where I purchased the dress and shoes will be linked at the end of this post. I will also include other colors and suggestions for my ladies who love to shop.











What Rolemodel Wore

Multiway dress is from –> Missguided

Three Strap sandal is from –> Missguided



For my ladies who love a low cut V dress and for my ladies who have questioned me about this Cape dress that I wore on July 17th I will also list the details. It was a burnt orange dressed this color is known as Rust.







What Rolemodel Wore:

Cape Dress is from –> Missguided

I bought mines a size US 4 = UK 8

Shoes: Pigalle in nude (Christian Louboutin)



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