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Whenever I hear Egypt my memory draws back to my elementary school days. I was fascinated when I learned about the Pyramids of Giza. It was just stories in history books until the day I made one of my wishes come true. Which was visiting Egypt and seeing the pyramids with my own eyes. Of course I knew that they existed! Its just different hearing about it than seeing it for yourself. I’m that kind of person that has to see and experience things Herself. NOTHING beats Experience! Wow what a trip I was in for…

Visa Required !

photo_3 (14)


I stood in Giza,Cairo for the first part of my trip. I stood right across from the pyramids. My view every morning was simply amazing. The feeling of opening the shades to that view was just superb.


This is me on the rooftop of where I stood. This was my view every morning.

photo (12)


I went on a Tour to the Museum where I Learned about Egypt’s History, Pharaohs, and Culture. I also got to see Mummies. It felt like I jumped right into my History book. These experiences turned into PRICELESS MEMORIES !


Out side of the Egyptian Museum

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  Had the pleasure of Visiting the Mosque.

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I had set up a tour for the Pyramids. Our tour guide was the best ! My experience was really beyond my expectations. Our tour was on Camels. That was one of my highlights of this trip. I loved the camel rides! There were young boys handling the camels. It broke my heart to see them working so hard at such early age but nonetheless they enjoyed their job. If you ever go to Egypt and you see children working hard make sure to TIP THEM !!! The boys gave me an amazing tour and i’m forever thankful.


Camel ride around the Pyramids of Giza

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Right in the tip of my fingers.

photo_4 (17)


What an Experience !!!

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 Kissy for the Sphinx.

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For the other half of my trip I stood in Sharm el Sheikh,Egypt. This is the more Touristic side of Egypt. Well it is part of Paradise. I stood at Sonesta Club.

 Sonesta Club.

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This Resort has 7 pools. The rooms on our side had a stairway that lead us right to our pool. Which was nice but the Best thing is that right behind the resort we had the Best Beach ive ever been too. OMG and the food was amazing from Cairo to Sharm el Sheikh. Yum yum! Food from Egypt blew me away in the best way, the locals were extremely sweet, and the country itself was a complete beauty. I was so happy to have been there.

By the Pool

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After relaxing by the pool I wondered off the resort and I had the pleasure of soaking up the sun on the private beach right by the Resort in Naama bay. When I entered the beach zone OMG ! It was paradise right before my eyes. Besides getting sun kissed in this little piece of heaven, I did enjoy some water sports, such as riding a speed boat, Kayaking, and riding a paddle boat. This beach was what convinced me that I must return to Egypt. These are the Photos of me at the beach.


Opening the doors to Paradise

Speed Boat and Paddle boat 




Since I love water sports a lot I continued my fun at a tour to the Red sea. The tour was in a Yacht which stopped in 3 different snorkeling site. At first I just stood in the Yacht tanning and enjoying the beautiful sea. I got so caught up on tanning that I decided I didn’t want to go snorkeling. Until my wonderful tour guide insisted, insisted, and insisted a little more to go snorkeling. He swore that I wouldn’t regret it. I’ve snorkeled before in mexico and it wasn’t something I was crazy about. Since he insisted I went off and let him lead the way to show me the beautiful world in the Red Sea. To my surprise I was blown away with the coral reefs and all the exotic Fishes we came across. I had the time of my life. My tour guide helped me catch a jelly fish and just showed me so much. I thankful for him convincing me to go and showing me a great time. He added to my good experiences in Egypt. Snorkeling in the Red sea is a MUST !!! Please consider it if you go. Just like my Tour guide Swore, YOU WON’T REGRET IT!


Posing with the beautiful Red Sea behind me 

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photo_1 (35)


The Egyptian Flag <3

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Egypt was nothing less than AMAZING to me ! On my last night I went to the strip on Naama bay. I went into a lounge with belly dancers. I ordered Shisha, mojitos, as I enjoyed my night listening to Arabic music. After 2 hours, I walked the strip and shopped around for Shishas to take back home. Why wouldn’t you want a hookah from the middle east? Best Souvenir ever! Returning to Egypt is in my plans so until next time… stay tuned for my Next Vacation Xoxo


Smoking shisha and drinking mojitos 




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