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Dubai is one fascinating place. Consisting of the Man made World island and the Palm island. Dubai is full of luxury and beauty. This trip had me on my toes from the very beginning to the very end. I’m talking about from the very start like with flying through Emirates airline. Yikes ! That was a long flight. It was a non-stop flight from NYC to Dubai. I love flying non stop but the hours were Long! It really didn’t matter to me because this airline went above and beyond with their services and provided comfort at every level. This airline has a bar, two floors (economy on the main level & business/first class on the top level), Showers on the top level. The Flight attendants had their cute beige and burgundy uniform.They did serve 3 meals and snacks in between. The food was yummy.If every airline was like Emirates the world would be a better and happier place 🙂 so here is how my trip went…


Seats are in small cubicles with alot of personal space.

photo_4 (23)


Bathroom/Shower (Second level)


This was my pink cabby that took me to my hotel. Yes, they have Pink cabs for females <3  

photo_1 (27)


 My lovely Driver who was also dressed in pink.

photo_4 (24)



Once I arrived at the hotel I got glammed up.I wore a gold sequin bathing suit and smacked on some red lipstick to hit the beach. (I’m from NYC.. what can you expect ? 😉

photo_1 (21)


Entrance to Jumeirah Beach 

photo_5 (23)


The beautiful crystal clear water 

photo_1 (25)


I went to tour the Burj Khalifa the same day. It’s The tallest Building in the world. Holding 163 floors. The Elevator ride up was pretty cool.The Burj Khalifa offered one of the best views of Dubai. The view was beautiful. You have to go to the TOP if your ever visit Dubai.



photo (13)

photo_4 (22)


The View from The TOP



Once night time approached I got dressed and went to have dinner at the sky view restaurant at Burj Al Arab. Burj Al Arab is the most luxurious hotel in the world. The food,The drinks, and the View was Spectacular.


I wore all white for my dinner reservation at Burj Al Arab.

photo_3 (21)


One of the beautiful fountains inside the hotel 

photo_1 (24)

The Burj Al Arab 

photo_2 (25)


The following day I booked a tour for the Dubai desert safari. Wow is all I can say. It started with a SUV driving and bashing through the Desert like in the movies and right outside of my window were camels all over the place. I swear It felt like I was in a movie. There were tons of SUV lined up. It was So cool !


Desert Driving 

photo_4 (26)

The camels 

photo_5 (24)


After that, I got dropped off at the main site. There I got to ride a camel, take pictures, and drive a four wheeler around the dessert. After all the fun I went to the site. There was a buffet of food, a show with belly dancers, and a section where you can smoke shisha. What a delightful tour. Everything turned out to be so fun and entertaining.


Before my camel ride 

photo_1 (8)

Up up and away !

photo_3 (27)

 Four wheeler

photo_2 (9)


 She Rides !

photo_5 (7)


 I was seated to have Dinner and watch the belly dancers 

photo_2 (15)



Belly dancer

photo_3 (19)


Smoking Shisha (AKA Hookah)

photo_1 (6)


The Following day I took a trip to Dubai Marina…You know Yachts and things! I Spent a while on a Yacht relaxing and then I took a tour on a speed boat to see Burj Al Arab and Atlantis from a distance… The speed boat was extremely fun. (I did get wet a a few times). I love speed and water activities so this little tour was right up my alley.


Dubai Marina

photo_1 (19)

Burj Al Arab

photo_2 (4)


 Atlantis Resortphoto_3 (2)

Of course seeing the Atlantis resort from a distance wouldn’t suffice. Therefore I booked a whole day at Atlantis Aqua venture. It really was a good way to end my vacation. I did so much at Aqua venture from tanning, to riding through the lazy river, to swimming with stingrays, and sharks. You can’t get bored at all in this water park. I couldn’t leave Atlantis without going down the Leap of Faith slide. I was in love with the view once I slid down. You see the all these beautiful exotic fishes. It’s a Great water park and it is kid friendly. This is how my adventures in Aquaventure went…

Relaxing before all the fun 

photo_3 (20)

Contemplating whether I should go down the Leap of Faith Slide

photo_5 (11)

Of course I did it 😉

photo_2 (24)

After getting on the Leap of Faith and every other slides I came across. I decided that I wanted to swim with the stingrays and sharks. After reading the consent form I got a little scared as you are agreeing that whatever happens to you is not their responsibility and that ANYTHING can possibly happen to you. Well, I signed it, forgot about all the bad things that could happen, and just went for it. It’s definitely worth it and It was a lovely experience. Only down side is the pressure makes you feel like your ears and head is going to explode. So if you are sensitive I recommend  skipping out on this one.

Signing away

photo_1 (23)

Underwater with the sharks and stingrays

photo (15)

When night time approached I headed out to the Dubai mall to see the Dancing Fountain. I didn’t really know what to expect of it. As everyone gathered around to watch the show I looked up and caught the most beautiful view of the Burj Khalifa Lit up. How lovely to see such a beauty. Well that was nothing compared to what came next. The show started and the fountain started dancing to one of Michael Jackson’s hit songs, Thriller. I swear I got chills of how fascinated and excited I was. The show was so amazing that I stood around to watch it again and to my surprise it danced to a different song. This was my last night in Dubai and this show made my trip complete.

Burj Khalifa Lit 

photo_5 (3)

Pictures of the Dancing Fountain 

photo_5 (4)

Amazing Show 

photo_4 (4)


My main reason for this trip was to go Sky diving to see the Palm Island but they were overbooked and I couldn’t jump. I was extremely upset but after each day I spent there it all changed because my everyday experiences there compensated for that mishap. Hey I’m an optimist and I just looked at not being able to skydive as a reason to return to Dubai. haha:) I love Dubai and I will be Returning to finish my adventures. Feel free to ask questions or to tell me about your traveling stories. Have you been to the Middle East ? What amazing things am I missing to experience ? Comment below and share. Xoxo

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