Dubai 2nd time

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I had the pleasure of visiting Dazzling Dubai for the second time. Funny because exactly a year ago(June 2nd) I posted the details about my first visit to Dubai and it just so happened that on June 2nd of this year I landed in Dubai. No, it wasn’t intentional.  I noticed when I went to read my first post on Dubai and I noticed the date. Lovely coincidence isn’t it? 🙂

This was the weather for the time we was there. I love the heat so I was HAPPY! 

image1 (2)


Ladies If you are traveling alone or in a group of girls. There are Female cab drivers in Pink taxis. Please Opt for these. 



This time around my stay was short but it sure was sweet. Dubai is my favorite city so returning made my vacation perfect.This time I decided to not do a lot of the touristy things and opted for the beach clubs. Upon arrival I went to Nasimi beach club which is right next to the Atlantis. I was happy to have gone there and most importantly I was happy that my sister enjoyed herself since it was her first time in Dubai. So here are the details of this amazing beach club. Nasimi beach has that Ibiza beach club type of look and feel to it. It has white beach beds, sun chairs, and white couches. They serve food and alcohol. There is a fee if you want to occupy the beach beds or couches. The fee is 700 Dirhams which is almost $200. (1 USD = 3.67 Dirhams) The fee is your spending minimum for what you consume at the beach. So, in reality you are not paying for the beach bed because the money goes towards what you eat and drink. They serve Shisha (Hookah) which is the best you will ever have.By the way a little side note to my hookah lovers the hookah waiter refills your hookah as often as you want at no extra cost (Every 15 minutes if you desire).  You haven’t had good shisha until you have tried it directly from the Middle East. Also, they serve their piña colada inside the pineapple just how I like it. (Virgin of course lol). Besides that they have happy hour which offers buy one get one free which is from 4-7 pm I believe. They encourage you to double up on those drinks and they bring them right away.As for the food it was delicious as well. The atmosphere was excellent and they provided excellent service. What more can you ask for?


Here are the photos of the Menus for price point of everything.







Shisha and my virgin piña colada

IMG_1455 (1)




I read many reviews on Nasimi and alot of people complained about slow service. I cant judge the service on an everyday basis because I have not experienced it. I can assure you that my experience was different. The service was fast, the waiters were attentive, and pleasant. I went on a Tuesday so maybe that played a huge roll on faster service since it wasn’t packed with people. I can imagine the headache during the weekends when its filled up. I was content with my visit there and I recommend that you go during a week day so you can enjoy and get faster service.


Btw Yes, Alcohol is only permitted inside hotels , restaurants, and beaches that are licensed. Please take note that drinking Alcohol in public is illegal)



I ran into this baby when I was walking around the beach. At first I thought it was a rock and when I picked it up and turned it around I saw it move. I was fascinated by it so i recorded it and ask my instagram friends what it was. of course my friends put me on haha its a Sand-dollar.


I was in relaxation mode and all I wanted to do is tan. So I had to roll with my trusty tanning lotion and my trusty sunblock. I swear by these because they give me the bronze look that I always aim for and also the proper protection for my skin. ladies and gents you NEEEEEEED this in your life! Buy it now and thank me later 🙂



So I tanned, drank, and ate non stop until night time. Around 7pm when happy hour is over and the sun has set the whole place lights up with bright colored lights and Atlantis lights up as well. This is the time when the DJ comes on and the people start to pour in, This is when you throw on a cover up or put clothes on in respect to those who are going to eat and party there. Remember it is a Muslim city so don’t push the bikini little session they allow lol.


Here’s Nasimi Beach club lit up and the Atlantis as well.



As the night started to settle in we headed back to the hotel to get dressed up to go out. We decided to go to the Dubai mall to see the dancing fountain show and also to explore a bit. I wanted my sister to see the Dancing fountain since it was her first time in Dubai. It really is a MUST see show. I think if I was to go to Dubai 30 times those thirty times I would still watch that show. Its one of my personal favorites.

so here’s some details about the show.

-Its located at the Dubai mall

-Its a daily show

– Afternoon schedule is Everyday at 1 pm & 1:30 pm except for Fridays. Fridays the afternoon shows are at 1:30 pm & 2 pm

-Evening Schedule is Everyday from 6 pm-11 pm each show running every 30 minutes. (This schedule is the most popular because everything lights up beautifully)

– Show is FREE to watch.


My sister and I admiring the Burj Khalifa as we waited for the show to start



Burj Khalifa lit up.





After the show we pranced around the Dubai mall and explored a bit. My sister got her henna done, we saw their aquarium, checked out some stores. There is so much to do in the Dubai mall I guarantee you that you wont get bored I mean it is the largest mall in the world:)




My sister’s henna done at the Dubai mall for $45 USD



Small glimpse of the outside of the Dubai mall.



When we got tired of prancing around the mall we decided to go have dinner. I was craving some real good Arabic food. So we took a cab and ended up going to a restaurant called RAB (Reem Al Bawadi).

Wow is all I can say. Upon arrival we were seated immediately. They ask you whether you want to smoke or not because there is a part of the restaurant that is for those who want to eat and smoke shisha as well. I loved how they have sections for the smokers and non smokers. The food was amazing but what really caught my heart was their Hommos with lamb and Their pita bread. I’m currently craving it badly! This restaurant has a chain of 4 other locations in Dubai. I recommend it 100%  if you are looking for good quality Arabic food at great prices. So guess what i noticed when I arrived at the hotel? a RAB restaurant right next to our hotel. Was I lucky or not? You know I was not going to leave Dubai without visiting again for that Hommos. Sure enough we had our last meal there on our last day. Perfection!!!


The famous Hommos I will forever rave about lol

(Thanks Manuela;)



Wait I’m not done! We spent the day at the Gold Souk. Its this small village were there is tons of store and you shop for many things. It is known for their gold and their prices and on the gold. Its a place to go bargain. I had fun putting my bargaining skills to use. I bought souvenirs, traditional Arab head scarves, and swimsuit cover-ups.

After the Gold souk we wanted to hit the beach. We wanted to get a good view of the Burj Al arab on a beach. So we stopped by the Jumeirah public beach to get a few pictures then we headed to The jumeirah hotel beach club called Talise. We had plans to visit another beach club near by but we stood here. The Burj Al Arab seemed so close. Please take note that this beach club is EXTREMELY expensive mainly because of the view of the Burj Al Arab and well because its Jumeirah beach hotel. Just a can of Coca cola was $8 USD so you can only image how pricey the food was. If you want to splurge I say go for it.


I just had to take a selfie because the view was simply amazing



Only a few days in Dubai 🙁 but it was enough to put a smile in my face. Bali Indonesia was waiting on us so we had to part ways with Dubai. until next time <3



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