Bali, Indonesia

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My sadness from leaving Dubai didn’t last long. It only took about 9 hours until I landed in Bali. I had the pleasure of being on the first flight on Emirates that ever landed in Bali. We had no idea what so ever that It was their first time there. It was hilarious how we found out. As the aircraft landed we were notified to remain seated until the media group finished preparing the presentation. Once they let us exit the aircraft we were greeted with an Indonesian show with dancers and music playing. Everyone coming off the airplane looked like crap because we had all woken up recently lol. The show was lovely and It really was nice knowing that we were on the first flight to Bali and celebrating with Emirates. I felt very welcomed:)

The lovely Indonesian Dancers and one of Emirate Flight attendants



After the show we proceeded with the process of getting out of the airport. A Visa is required and it costs $35 USD. You can purchase it at the airport as you are proceeding to exit.


If your country is listed there, you are required to get a visa in order to enter the country.



The Visa 



Here is a picture of an Indonesian Taksi


Indonesian money goes by Rupiah. (1 USD = 13,282 Rupiah) 

Here is some Indonesian Rupiah



We landed in Bali at night so we decided to rest and enjoy the rest of the night in our Villa. We were greeted with pineapple juice with grenadine in it. It was so delicious that every morning for breakfast I was asking Can I please have the “Welcome juice” you gave me upon arrival lol. As for Check in, it was easy and breezy. We were in our villa within 10 minutes from arrival. I have no complaints what so ever about our arrival plus the night was so peaceful and serene. What more can I possibly want ?



The pineapple and grenadine juice that I was hooked on during my entire stay.




We already knew what we wanted to do which was to visit the Monkey forest and go Elephant trekking so that was next on the agenda. The Taksi in Bali is extremely cheap. Side note they call their taxis “Taksi” over there. So being that the Taksi is very cheap we were going to go to the sites we wanted to visit and just pay the small entrance fee that is required. This is a good technique if you are looking to save money. Here is a very helpful tip that ive learned while traveling throughout the world. Hotels will charge you an arm and a leg for a tour which is usually extremely cheap if you go on your own via taxi or public transportation. On this trip we decided to do the tour through our hotel because we didn’t want to fuss too much. Since I was traveling with my friend and family I wanted nothing but comfort for them. The tour consisted of elephant trekking w/ lunch, monkey forest, hotel pick up/drop off, and a 2 hour spa treatment all for $139 per person. If you decided to visit please take note that the entrance fee to the monkey forest is less than $5 USD. The hotel alone was charging just for that about $60 USD . Blahhh -_-



Walking into the Monkey Forest 


Monkey hanging around 


Isn’t this Statue amazing ?



Elephant trekking 


Posing while the elephant munched on Aloe vera plants <3 



I love Elephants !



After the Monkey temple and Elephant trekking we were taken to Anika Spa for our 2 hour spa treatment.To be brutally honest as I always am I underestimated the spa and I didn’t even want to go.I just went because I figured I already paid for it let me just go. Well let me just say that I was surprised beyond belief. My experience there was amazing. When we arrived we were greeted kindly with smiles, the menu for the services, and warm ginger tea. We were told to pick which package we wanted. My package consisted of a foot massage/wash, full body massage, honey and milk body wrap, body scrub, and a rose petal bath. That was the most amazing 2 hours that I ever had. If you know well you would know that I love spa treatments and its what i love to splurge on. The prices for these packages are so cheap. My package was included with the tour I paid for but we decided that we would return because the service was exceptional and the prices were perfect. That package I had was $45 USD and we all know you can not get a massage for $45 dollars in New York so we were happy lol. The spa itself was very lovely, It had a pool for their guests and lounging beds. As the night approached and we were done with our treatments we were given more ginger tea. Relaxation is what I always aim for and that was achieved in this spa. After we were done we were taken to our shuttle that was going to drop us off at the hotel. The manager of Anika’s spa gave us menus and signed 20% off on your next visit. My company and I smiled gracefully knowing that we were definitely going to return. Like seriously treatments for under $60 plus a 20% off? Cant beat that.

We were greeted with warm Delicious Ginger tea 



This is the spa’s pool. 



Petal rose foot soak followed by foot massage


 Rose petal bath after all body treatments 



The following day we had delicious a breakfast at the villa which was included with our stay.

Rice with shrimps (My sisters Breakfast) it was really good 


Then we decided to hit up the famous beach club in Bali “POTATO HEAD” We arrived a few minutes before 11am and there already was a long line. I asked someone in the line what was the line for. They told me that they were waiting for the beach club to open (opens at 11am) and also the line was to reserve the day beds. We sure was lucky to have arrived on time because I wanted a day bed and I was not settling for anything else lol. The day beds by their pool was 500,000 Rupian which is from $37- $42 USD (depending on the value of your money when you visit). Just like Nasimi Beach in Dubai all you have to do is consume the minimum which is 500,000 Rupiah in order to occupy the day bed. Ive been to many beach clubs around the world and this one has to be my ultimate favorite. From the food down to the service.Everything was perfection. I found this beach club to be different from your typical all white Ibiza like beach clubs. In Potato head the day beds are a tan color with navy blue beach towels over them. I can appreciate the dark color because I didn’t feel bad about having tanning lotion on.(FYI I’m very clumsy). The beach Club and day beds are very modern and chic.So as we got comfortable and our waiter greeted us and handed us the menus I took a moment to feel the vibe of the spot and it was delightful. Everything we ordered was delicious even the drinks. My sister was hooked on the strawberry daiquiris, my friend had several mojitos, and I was hooked on their Rocket Juice which consisted of Raspberry,Strawberry, Lime & pomegranate juices. We had burgers,fish and chips, and many other things and nothing disappointed. I’m big on good service, good food, and good presentation. If all three are mastered its automatically a winner in my eyes.

Walking into Potato Head with my lovely friend… blurry:(



Here is the food Menu 


The view from the Day beds on to the infinity pool and the beach. 



Delicious Piña colada 



Bin Tang (Indonesian beer) and Strawberry Daquiri



My delicious rocket juice 



Swim up bar 



They following day we decided that we wanted to try a different beach club so we did. We went to KU DE TA beach club. It was just as lovely as Potato head but the slight difference is that KU DE TA doesnt have a pool. Their beach had strong waves and it was a beach for surfers so we couldn’t take a dip when ever we were hot. To our luck the sun was beaming hot that day which made my company uncomfortable. Also, the drinks weren’t that great, they were average. A pro about KU DE TA is that you can occupy a day bed at no cost and no minimum spending limit. Its a very lovely beach club but it lost a few points in my book. So after sitting there burning in the heat we got up and left and ended up going back to Potato head. When we arrived (around 2 pm) All day beds were occupied and the place was filled. We were told that there was a waiting list and that there was about 40 people on it already. We knew that we wouldn’t get a day bed with a waiting list that long so we hit the grass to tan and as we were settling in our waiter from the day before recognized us and told us “go ahead and relax in the pool I will notify you once a bed is available”. We were excited and my sister told me you see this is why you have to ALWAYS treat people kindly and tip them well. When you do this they always remember you and the next time you are around they will kindly accommodate your needs. So once a bed was cleared he rushed over and placed our belongings on it. I love when people go the extra mile for their clients and make their experiences the best. Kudos to the staff in Potato head.


This is the view of the beach in KU DE TA. The waves were way too strong.



So after the beach club fun we decided to prance around the streets. We were looking for a few things to buy. We made a stop at the nail salon. My friends got a fish pedicure and my sister got a pedi and gel mani. As you walk through the streets of Indonesia you must be careful as there are cars coming from every direction. There are no traffic lights so its hard to cross over. Another reason to be careful is for the offerings placed on the streets. I was fascinated by it because offerings were found in every corner. The offerings consisted of a bit of rice, fruit, incense, flowers and whatever else they wanted to offer to their god. This is very well respected and its important to know as a tourist that you must not step on it. It is frowned upon.

Balinese offerings



so at this point you are probably wondering what villa I stood in. I get a lot of emails from friends and strangers always asking me for recommendations for good villas. I find so much join helping people plan thier perfect vacation. The villa I chose was ASA LUXURY VILLA. The room option that we chose was the two bed room villa. This villa was not my first choice but it really blew me away and I was completely satisfied. I even forgot about the villa I was aiming for because this villa was simply amazing. Please take note that I spend a significant amount of time looking for the villa I want to occupy for every destination. I research and I read all the reviews I can find for it. I choose the villas that will appear to satisfy me in every way possible and I aim for the best. So when I say the villa is amazing is because my real experience there went above and beyond my expectations and my expectations are HIGH.


ASA LUXURY VILLA doesn’t have many employees on rotations and I like that. Some resorts or villas have so many employees that you speak to a different person every time you blink. (exaggerating but you get the point lol) So one of the employees (BOBO) was of great service from the moment we walked in until the moment we walked out. He is such a sweet and attentive individual. He made sure that everything we wanted was handled. I even requested another tanning lounge chair in our villa since it was three of us. He was kind enough to make that happen because only two lounge chairs by the pool is allowed per villa. when it comes to the staff Its the smallest things that make me happy. Taking a photograph of me to just bringing me an adapter immediately shows me that are of good service. Here are a few pictures of the Two bed room villa.


This is a view of the two levels to the villa. Very spacious.



There was an outdoor shower:)


Bed room on the first level. This room had direct access to the pool


Bed room on the second level. 



Living room on the second level. This was just half of it. It was really big and spacious



View of the pool from the living room on the second level.



Bathroom inside the bedroom on the second floor.



This was part of the bathroom in the room I occupied in the first level. The other side had a stand up shower like the second floor as well. 



posing in front of the pool:)








  • Food: We had breakfast included with our two bedroom villa so we enjoyed that every morning. The food was delicious I just wish they had a wider variety of options. The had the American, Balinese, Australian breakfast, and some other options. I give the food a 8 because the breakfast options presented wasn’t enough. We didn’t eat lunch or dinner because we ate outside therefore I cant give insight on the rest of the food.


  • Cleanliness: The resort itself was well kept and very clean. Our villa was extremely clean as well. The bathroom was spotless. The beds,sheets, and pillows were tidy.That is a plus in my book. Every time we returned to the villa the pool was cleaned for us. There were these beautiful flowers that would fall and land on the pool. I personally wanted them there but every time we returned they were cleaned off. That shows that they are very attentive and had the pool clean and ready for use. I give the cleanliness a 10.


  • Service & Staff: There isn’t a lot of staff members but the service was great. They went above and beyond to make us happy and they did. Thanks to Bobo who was amazing with us. My experience and stay was exceptional because of him. I give them a 10. Side note–> every other staff member where very kind and helpful as well 🙂


  • Location: Asa Luxury villa is located in Seminyak. You are very close to Ubud and many of the main attractions are near by. There is alot you can do in Seminyak and if you want to travel outside to others places like Ubud your just a taksi ride away. I give the location a 10. It was very easy and inexpensive getting around.


  • Tip: Be kind and gentle with the employees. You will have everything you want if you do so. Also, if all your needs are being catered too and the service is great please tip them well. Sometimes we ask for too much and we forget to appreciate those who go out of their way to please our needs.


I hope you enjoyed this post. If i left anything out that you would love to know feel free to comment below. I will be more than happy to answer your questions. Don’t forget to subscribe with your email for updates on my upcoming vacations.


Best regards,




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