MY B-Day Vacation: Philippines

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December 9th is a very special day because it was the day I was born. Im thankful beyond belief to have celebrated another B-Day. Im a year older, stronger, and wiser. I’m at a point in my life where I’m truly in love with who I am and I’m proud of how lovely I grew up to be. Isn’t that a great reason to celebrate? Well, every December I try my hardest to go on vacation just to celebrate. I love going to Foreign countries to explore and get a feel of something different. This December I chose the Philippines and all I can say is WOW I made another great choice. So happy to have chosen the Philippines. Another piece of paradise that my eyes got to see. One of my main reasons of going to the Philippines was to visit the Kawasan Falls. I even had dreams about the clear blue waters and the bamboo rafts.



So upon arrival the first thing I did was go to Kawasan Falls. The distance from the resort I stood in to Kawasan falls was about 3-4 hours. I wanted to go backpack style and not just take a cab straight there. I wanted to see the streets, the people, and the movement in the Philippines. So I asked for directions at the front desk of the resort and the lovely lady was surprised that I wanted to take public transportation since I was alone. We laughed and she tried to convince me to just take a cab. I wasn’t trying to hear it so she finally gave me directions. So if your interested in visiting the Kawasan Falls here is how you get there. My resort was located in Mactan so I took a cab to South Bus Terminal. This ride was about 30-40 minutes depending on traffic. That cab ride cost about 300 Pesos (PHP) which is about 7 USD. Very inexpensive! So from there you ask which bus takes you to Kawasan Falls and the drivers will guide you to the right bus. The bus cost 126 Pesos which is like 3 USD. Now the ride from the south bus terminal to Kawasan Falls is roughly about 3-31/2 hours. It sounds long but it didn’t feel like it and it was a very interesting and smooth ride.



The entrance fee to the Falls was 10 pesos which is a few coins in USD. There was a Typhoon that hit Cebu a few weeks prior to my arrival so a guide was mandatory. The guide costs 300 pesos and I was ok with it. Everything was inexpensive so that was nice. Once we entered I was blown away with the sight. It was just beautiful everywhere you turned. Having a guide was very helpful and worth it because I he was taking my photographs and telling me about the three levels of the Falls. (Thank you Ronald for your good service). So we walked around, crossed a few bridges, and went to all three different levels. I spent most of my time in the first level which is where I swam, ate, and rented the bamboo raft. They do have a food menu so I had a order of fried chicken with white rice. It was a small meal but it was perfect since I didn’t want to eat too much since I was going to be swimming. Let me tell you that their fried chicken and fried fish was the best I ever had and I’m not exaggerating. Yummers it was delish and it came with a coca cola all for 100 pesos. I also ordered their beer which is called San Miguel and it was pretty good considering that I’m not a beer drinker. As for the raft ride it costs 300 pesos. You have 3 guys push the rafts and take you under the waterfall which requires a lot of strength.They always have life jacket rentals available since the water is extremely deep. After your ride and when you are getting ready to pay and leave they tell you that you have to pay each guy 300- 500 pesos each aside from the raft rental. Its kind of like a hidden charge and it sucks that they trick people with the prices but its there hustle and I respect it. I had no problem paying them it was expensive anyways and I had a fun with the guys. Im the type of person that appreciates when people give good service and makes my experiences enjoyable no matter the price. So with that being said I was very pleased with my visit and the services provided at Kawasan Falls. It was refreshing and relaxing. It worth the long flight and long bus ride 🙂

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I was mesmerized by the view.


This was so GOOD! After I finished swimming I ordered it again and also had an order of fried fish all together. 

photo_4-4 copy



Many have been wondering what resort I chose this time around and I chose Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island. I was very much pleased with my choice. It wasn’t my normal pick which is normally with a private pool in my room. I wanted a nice room which would require me to actually step out and enjoy the hotel. Glad I did it different this time around. The hotels pool was gorgeous and their Ibiza club was a hot spot. I was so in love with the hotel. The lovely staff was extremely kind and helpful. My room was very clean, modern, and chic. Upon arrival in the bathroom they have a gift set of Chopard products fro you (Fancy)  and they also had fresh mango and grapes for you. The room had a balcony. My obsession was with the Ibiza Beach Club which had couches every where, jacuzzi, Churrasco grill and Tapas restaurant. Also, they have a bar, live entertainment, and these thick netted sun bathing beds. It was truly paradise. I spent my days tanning and eating fried fish with chips and sipping on virgin coladas. It was the perfect Birthday trip.



The Room






I love me a BIG breakfast..Room service was yummy !

photo_4-3 copy 2


 Fish and chips. All I did was eat by the beach.photo_2-3 copy 3

 Part of Ibiza Beach Clubphoto_2-3 copy 2

photo_1-3 copy 2

By the pool at night everything lights up… beautiful view




A little treat to myself was renting a cabana right by the pool and beach. I just soaked and relaxed for hours and hours. I rented Cabana 1 for 2 days straight. Its a nice treat If your alone or with your significant other. the privacy is perfect! The cabana has a jacuzzi, mirrors , couches, shower, and restroom.




photo_3-3 copy



These are the packages. You can choose which ever pleases you 

photo_2-3 copy



I want to Thank the Moevenpick family for going above and beyond with their good service. I hope my dear friends get a chance to visit the Philippines and explores its beauty. If you get a chance to visit stay at Moevenpick Hotel I highly recommend it… I had a lovelyyyy vacation! until next trip Xoxo.


PS : a piece of advice for everyone. Take a Solo trip you won’t regret it. Choose A place far far away and get lost in translation (well just a little lol) and explore other cultures. If you don’t enjoy your own company who will? Ive had such fulfilling experiences and I will continue traveling the world. You should too try different places and step away from places that are so common. Gain experiences of quality. Travel further, grow, and learn… Xoxo



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