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Aruba is a lovely small island situated in the Caribbean. The main languages spoken in Aruba is mainly Dutch and Papiamento. To my surprise I was told by locals that they are required to learn 4 languages in school which … Continued

Mykonos, Greece

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Mykonos, Greece is where the rich and famous people love to vacation. I’m sure we all know this but do we know why this is a favorite vacation spot? I was very fortunate to have visited this island in Greece. … Continued

Bikini Guide

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This is for my ladies who want to shop for bikinis and don’t know where to start. I’m will be posting he details of the swimwear I was sporting during my recent vacation. Right along with that I will share … Continued

Bali, Indonesia

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My sadness from leaving Dubai didn’t last long. It only took about 9 hours until I landed in Bali. I had the pleasure of being on the first flight on Emirates that ever landed in Bali. We had no idea … Continued

Dubai 2nd time

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I had the pleasure of visiting Dazzling Dubai for the second time. Funny because exactly a year ago(June 2nd) I posted the details about my first visit to Dubai and it just so happened that on June 2nd of this … Continued

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