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Aruba is a lovely small island situated in the Caribbean. The main languages spoken in Aruba is mainly Dutch and Papiamento. To my surprise I was told by locals that they are required to learn 4 languages in school which consists of Dutch, Papiamento, English, and Spanish. Of course, I was happy to hear this because it takes a lot to learn other languages. I know because I speak 4 different languages as well. Aruba is one of the four countries that form the kingdom of the Netherlands which included St. Maarten, Curaçao, and the Netherlands. One happy island is the perfect phrase to describes Aruba and only by visiting this lovely island will you understand the meaning of this phrase. Currency used in Aruba is the Florin and the US dollar. (1 USD = 1.79 Florin)

Now for the fun stuff…


i stood in Oranjestad which is Aruba’s Capital. I had the pleasure of staying in Renaissance resort and casino (Marina). This resort has a shopping mall which includes stores like Gucci, Guess, Michael Kors, and many more. There is also a casino for those who love to gamble. There is a canal in the lobby of the resort which is where you are picked up at and taken to the private beaches which are Flamingo beach and iguana beach. 


Pool Area in the hotel



Mall in the resort 



Beautiful Xmas tree in the mall 



Flamingo Beach is a topless beach (if you want to). This beach has flamingos roaming around the beach area. It is their home. Here you will find many people hovering over and chasing the flamingos for that perfect picture. There is a gum ball type machine by the beach area that is filled with flamingo food. You can insert a quarter and get food to feed them. I suggest you do so. The least you can do is feed them if you are going to annoy them for a picture. On flamingo beach there are Maldives inspired over the water cabanas that are available for rental. Price ranges from $150-300 USD daily depending on the season. I was there when Xmas was approaching so $250 was the price to rent it for the day. You have the cabana from 9am- 6pm and it comes with Champagne, fruits, water, and juice included. If you want to eat that would be a separate charge. I thought at first that this cabana rental would be like the many beaches and cabana rentals I’ve done before. which entails of the rental price really being the amount you much consume of drinks and food in order to have the cabanas to yourself. For instance, if they tell you the rental is $250 you would just buy food and drinks all day until you’ve consumed $250. Here it wasn’t liked that, you literally pay for the cabana itself. So this is more of splurge/luxury thing. I was on this vacation to relax so this was really my kind of party.








Pure beach: Part of The Divi Resort 




The famous color chairs that is all over pinterest. 


Eagle beach: Eduardo’s Beach Shack. : Vegan little hut right on the beach… There is a variety of fruit bowls, yogurts, acai bowls. You can customize your bowls to your liking… So amazing and fresh. When im spending hours in the beach I always search for fresh fruit or natural juices. I like to feel good under the sun and too much alcohol under the sun isn’t my thing. So I was very happy to see this vegan spot.. ITS A MUST HAVE. thank me later! 






Fresh fruits on Coconut bowl with dragon fruit acai on the bottom. ($20 USD)




A must visit restaurant is the Flying Fishbone. This restaurant is located near the end of the island. Like always, I wanted to wander off and get a feel for the country so I decided to find a way to get there by public transportation. Outside of the resort there are public buses that take you to the beaches for $2 each way. These buses also leave you in front of the restaurant and the cost was $4. The ride was about 15 minutes and the commute was comfortable.Upon arrival you are seated at the edge of the beach where your feet roam freely in the water. Don’t worry they provide shoe racks for your shoes. They also have a wash area to wash and dry off your feet once you are done. There is another section in case you don’t want to dine in the water.  It’s a great restaurant for families and also couples. (watching the sunset here is very romantic) The service was excellent and so was the food. I had some Canadian oysters and dish of avocado and lobster. The waiters are kind enough to ask you if you will need taxi service once you done. If so they will have a taxi ready for you. I would recommend taking the bus back especially in the evening so I did return to the hotel in a taxi and the cost was $15. 






Canadian Oysters


Lobster over Avocado 


Hope you enjoyed this post Xoxo (if you have any inquiries feel free to contact me)

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