Aruba is a lovely small island situated in the Caribbean. The main languages spoken in Aruba is mainly Dutch and Papiamento. To my surprise I was told by locals that they are required... READ MORE

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece is where the rich and famous people love to vacation. I’m sure we all know this but do we know why this is a favorite vacation spot? I was very fortunate... READ MORE

Bikini Guide

This is for my ladies who want to shop for bikinis and don’t know where to start. I’m will be posting he details of the swimwear I was sporting during my recent vacation.... READ MORE

Bali, Indonesia

My sadness from leaving Dubai didn’t last long. It only took about 9 hours until I landed in Bali. I had the pleasure of being on the first flight on Emirates that ever... READ MORE

Dubai 2nd time

I had the pleasure of visiting Dazzling Dubai for the second time. Funny because exactly a year ago(June 2nd) I posted the details about my first visit to Dubai and it just so... READ MORE


Seeking Tranquility, I wandered off to St.Lucia. I have over a year wanting to desperately go just to visit a certain resort that I fell in love with since the day I saw... READ MORE

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